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 Atmospheric Physics

Tel Aviv University

Understanding the mysteries of Earth's weather and climate,

with a focus on Atmospheric Electricity

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In the News

Over the years our research has made the headlines around the world....

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Focusing on our Electrical Atmosphere

Prof. Colin Price's research team is mainly focused on Atmospheric Electricity, with an emphasis on global lightning activity, and the connections between lightning activity and the Earth's climate.  However, there are many other topics of interest related to our electrical atmosphere, including dust storms, meteors, solar storms or even earthquakes.  All are link to the field of atmospheric electricity.

In addition, we also study other topics in atmospheric physics, from air pollution, climate change, weather forecasting, natural hazards such as forest fires, hurricanes and flash floods, and recently we started investigating the link between biological systems and atmospheric electricity.

Image by Johannes Plenio

Meet The Team


Professor of Atmospheric Science

Porter School of the Environment

and Earth Sciences

Tel Aviv University, Israel

Colin Price

Group meeting.png

Our group has around 15 graduate students in our team covering many different topics.  This photo was during a Zoom group meeting during the COVID19 pandemic



We have an outstanding multi-disciplinary team of students and researchers in our lab.  As a result we now have more than 150 peer-reviewed publications, and counting.....

Studying on the Grass


Over the years Prof. Price has taught many undergraduate and graduate courses at Tel Aviv University, both in the regular program, and the international programs.  These range from the introductory course on Atmospheric Sciences, to graduate courses on Atmospheric Electricity.

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